Education programs


-AAWD tack care of education and has implemented a number of programs and courses, including :

-literacy programs for rural women where more than 1000 women participated in the programs lasted for 4 years .

-Programs of education of women handicraft art and sewing carried out in the district of Qurna, 600 women were participated in the programs lasted for 2 years.

-Training programs on using computer, in which 350 students of secondary and middle schools of the province were participated and using social communication tools

-Adult education programs were carried out to improved the economic state of the community and ensure personal, family and social development

-Training courses in health and fitness 161 youth (male and female) from the province of Basra


-Training courses on the protection of the women and children from abuse and the impact of trauma and stress on women and child,200 women and children were participated in the training, carried out in Qurnah,and  Al-Hwear